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Onarch has established itself as one of the leading architecture and design firms in Bangalore. Founded in 1980, Onarch is a second generation firm that specializes in architecture, planning and interior design. Today, they provide functional and creative plans with a larger, community vision. Their growth in the last three and a half decades matches the story of Bangalore — that of steady growth nurtured by early investments in infrastructure. Onarch has established itself as a collaborative, forward thinking and nimble leader in architectural design and planning.
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We were asked to conceptualize the branding and then design and build Onarch's web presence. We decided on a responsive, minimal yet colorful theme that integrated color theory in the form of subtle cross fades of the primary color. Project pages were designed to be visual and photo centric with a simple CMS baked into the back-end allowing Onarch admin to easily add and edit projects.
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