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The brief.
Seat 14A is a private fashion label for the busy man. The company aims to create a utilitarian approach to men’s fashion, where subscribers receive a bi-weekly newsletter with complete looks based on current trends and research. The company owns it’s entire process from designing, sourcing to manufacturing. This enables them to provide customers with fully customized clothing made to order, at incredible prices with free global shipping. Seat 14A was a part of 500 Startups in 2013.
Seat 14A
Home page
We were asked to redesign the existing website and conceptualize a mobile version of their collections pages. We decided to go with a responsive grid layout that tiles vertically as you decrease your screen size. Videos were incorporated heavily throughout the website. The design philosophy used was to go with more of a fashion publication "feel" vs an online e-commerce store resulting to a more open, visual and editorial-like layouts.
Seat 14A
Collections Page
Seat 14A
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